Breakfast Table – New Brunch Spot in South Granville

It seems like everyone is heading on vacation right now. My dad just left on a trip to the UK, my good friend Bits is coming to Vancouver next week, and Picky Diner is currently in Japan having the time of his life. Combined with the shitty weather we’ve been having lately, I’m starting to get seriously tempted to drop everything and book a last minute trip somewhere warm. Unfortunately that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime, I’ll just have to live vicariously through all those people traveling out there. So when Picky Diner asked if I wanted to meet him for Brunch at the newly opened Breakfast Table in South Granville to talk about his upcoming trip to Japan, I figure it the was the closest I was going to get to international travel anytime soon.


Chicken Karaage Hash – $15

The menu at Breakfast Table features a number of both traditional and unique brunch items, and in the end I decided to go with one of the latter. The Chicken Karaage Hash features two eggs, hashbrowns, carrots, parsnips, green onion, sesame seeds, and Korean sweet chili sauce. The chicken sported a crunchy crust that gave way to tender dark meat. It was well seasoned on its own, but the addition of the Korean chili sauce livened it up even further. The sauce tasted like a sweetened sriracha, and I only wish that more of it had been available to drizzle over the rest of the dish. I requested my eggs to be soft poached, and was super pleased with the incredibly oozy orange yolks that broke free when split. These bathed the potatoes and vegetables, providing them with an additional richness. I wasn’t a fan of the hashbrowns though, as they were just roasted potatoes that were soft rather than crispy. They were also woefully underseasoned, and I wound up leaving over half of them untouched. It was a pity, because if it wasn’t for the potatoes, the dish really could have been delicious.


Lobster Benedict – $22

Wanting to indulge, Picky Diner decided on the Lobster Benedict featuring two poached eggs, mushrooms, creamed spinach, bernaise sauce, and hashbrowns. Although covered by the sauce and eggs in the photo, the benedict actually sported a fair number of meaty chunks of lobster. They were cooked slightly past the point that I would have liked, but they were still fairly moist and tender. I was worried that their delicate flavour would be overwhelmed by the flavours of the other components, but thanks to their large size, you could still taste them. I loved the use of the bernaise sauce instead of the typical hollandaise. It was similarly buttery and rich, but had nice notes of herb in addition to the brightness of the lemon. The creamed spinach and mushrooms melded into the flavours beautifully. Unfortunately, the dish still had those damn potatoes. The ones here were as equally underseasoned as the ones in my hash, and similar to me, Picky Diner wound up leaving the majority of them uneaten.

Overall, brunch at Breakfast Table was a bit of a mixed bag. The main items we tried were well executed and delicious, but those damn potatoes really brought the dishes down (especially in my hash where they were one of the central ingredients). Since the restaurant has only opened very recently, I’m hoping that they’ll pick up on customer feedback, and improve the hashbrowns soon. Because, honestly, if they don’t, I can’t see myself returning.