Fable Diner – Fable’s Casual Sibling

I’ve eaten at Fable a handful of times over the last few years. But whenever I visit, even though the high quality and execution of the food is evident, I leave feeling underwhelmed. I recognize, however, that this is due to my own personal preferences when it comes to food. Fable tends to have a lot of ‘meat and potato’ type dishes. What I mean by this is that the dishes typically center around a meat, and then on the side there are one or two sides –  often potatoes. Because this was the way I grew up eating (hi super white parents!), I tend to avoid it now as an adult. If you look through this blog, you’ll see that it’s incredibly rare that I ever order a steak, roast chicken, or any other type of meat on its own. So Fable just doesn’t appeal to me.

But when Fable Diner – a cheaper, more casual, diner-like version of Fable – recently opened, I was intrigued. Gone were many of the ‘meat and potato’ dishes, replaced with upscale versions of diner classics like meatloaf, burgers, and soup. I asked around if any of my friends were interested in visiting with me, and Clumsy and Tiramisu volunteered. We decided to check out their brunch menu which is offered every weekend until 3 pm.


Fried Chicken Eggs Benny – $15

I’m a sucker for fried chicken, so when I saw that the menu had a Fried Chicken Eggs Benny featuring a savoury scone topped with pickled red onions, fried chicken, gravy, ranch, and olive oil hollandaise sauce, I knew I had to have it. And it didn’t disappoint. I loved the use of the cheddar scone in place of the English muffin, as it not only provided some added flavour, but also a denser pillow to absorb the sauces and the oozy yolk of the soft poached egg. As can be seen from the photo, the amount of fried chicken breast given on each benny is massive. It wasn’t particularly moist, but for the most part it wasn’t dry either (except at some of the thinner ends). The fried batter was super crunchy, thick, and well seasoned. And finally there were the different sauces tying it all together. I wasn’t sure how the tang of the ranch would meld with the hollandaise and gravy, but it all combined together to create a complex bite that was bright, buttery, and creamy in flavour.

The hashbrowns served alongside were sprinkled with green onions, and deep fried until the exterior had a good crunch and the potato within was soft and fluffy. They were simple, but well seasoned.


Avocado and Tomato Eggs Benny – $15

Tiramisu decided to order the Avocado and Tomato Eggs Benny also featuring a savoury scone with olive oil hollandaise. This was definitely the lighter of the two bennies. I never tried a bite myself, but Tiramisu enjoyed it, although she noted that the avocado was really more of a guacomole, as it was mashed and lightly spiced. This probably wouldn’t bother most people, but Tiramisu is pretty sensitive to heat, so she wished that the menu had noted this. Looking at the photo, it also seems like the benny had either eggplant or mushrooms on it which also wasn’t noted on the menu. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this while dining, so I never asked Tiramisu about them.


West Coast Toast – $14 (+$1 for poached egg)

Clumsy decided to go for something light in the West Coast Toast featuring avocado, smoked salmon, fresh horseradish, and salad. She also decided to add a poached egg for an additional dollar (you can kind of see it buried beneath the salad on the middle of the toast). This item would be perfect if you were looking for a light brunch, but certainly wouldn’t fill up most people. There is always the option of adding hashbrowns for $4 though, which brings the price of the dish up to those of the other brunch items.

Clumsy let me have a bite of her toast, and I was pleased to find that the bread itself was nicely toasted where it was able to hold up to the wet ingredients. I would have preferred if a bread with a thicker crust were used, but the bread was still pretty solid. The star of this dish was naturally the chunks of smoked salmon which were vibrant in both colour and flavour. The salmon was moister than what you normally find in stores, which leads me to believe that it may have been smoked in house. It paired well with the avocado and fresh herbs. Finally, the perfectly soft poached egg in the center added a rich butteriness to the dish. This is a very simple dish that could easily be recreated at home, but there’s no denying that it was tasty.

Overall, we were quite happy with our brunch at Fable Diner. The food was pretty good and the prices fairly reasonable. I’m still pretty curious about their lunch and dinner options, so I plan to return again sometime soon to give those a try. Their tomato soup and burger in particular sound pretty great. I would definitely recommend checking it out sometime if you’re nearby.